Skull Cleaning and Camo Dipping.
  We here at Creative Mold LLC work in cooperation with a Taxidermist and an in house Hydro Graphic company that get customer skulls cleaned to image design coating process through water ink transferring better known as hydro graphics.
Our Cleaning Outlook:
In the hands of a certified taxidermist with a 4 year degree in taxidermy and science with over 35 years of experience and a unique non evasive cleaning design process which we think is possibly the best method in the industry today, your skull gets cleaned possibly cleaner then other popular method such as beetles/boiling/maceration that is used among many others in the skull cleaning world. The unique process allows for much great cost effectiveness of cleaning and why we are able to offer very low prices by which some are not capable of achieving.
No,No # 1, Beetle Skull cleaning method:
Most people who use this method will often say , the beetle gets all the meat. In the 35+ years of experience of our Taxidermist and him using all of the popular ​methods out there this isn’t the case. The Beetle has difficult time due to its size to get in spots like the tooth cavity, tear ducts, nasal concha, mental protuberance, and other difficult micro spaces. Also for a skull that has been sitting and meat/tissue has become mummified that beetles will most often leave this meat behind. 
No,No # 2, Boiling Skull cleaning method: ( Highly not recommended )
Bone under heat will expand and contract sometimes fracturing the skull, tooth enamel and seems. Bone being porous, when boiling it absorbs the grease making for a longer degreasing process. Boiled bone sometime appears yellowish before whitened.
No,No # 3, Bleaching:
Bleach breaks the bone down even after bleaching is done over time little by little the skull can become more and more brittle. And often time will have a chalky appearance.
NO,NO # 4 Maceration:
This method done right is a long process and often time not done right and the skulls are not cleaned as much as they should due stagnation.
NO,NO # 5 Buried in dirt:
No need to explain, its just bad!
Our Process:
1. Gets ALL the meat and tissue even under the teeth in the tooth cavity ( Spots where a beetles or boiling just can’t get)
2. Cleans the bone inside and out
3. Doesn’t weaken the bones enamel.
4. The bone come out of the cleaning process cleaner and brighter, most often our skulls look better before entering degrease stage than others that consider their skulls degreased.
5. We don’t have to use any highly evasive whitening process to get the skulls white.
6. After whitened we apply a protective finish on the item.
Hydro Graphics:
Once cleaned if not whitened we have a in house Hydro Graphic partner company that can apply a pattern design by means of water ink transferring and give your skull that cool look. Be sure to check some of our pattern choices on site. Skulls our base coated with paint then hydro image is applied followed by 2 coats of clear for protective finish. All skulls are dipped only on face value side unless otherwise indicated.
Below the prices will include de-fleshing, but we recommend to you to take hide and hair off for lower shipping cost especially on larger items.  You don’t have to take hair / hide off if you don’t want to.! Just cut behind the ears and follow the packing instructions below and the bottom.
If you are a Taxidermist the prices get better yet. We have wholesale pricing we offer with number below what you see below. Feel free to contact us here at Creative Mold
NJ based company. Don’t miss out on the season.

Bonz Camo pattern is pictured above. Mouse over any of the remaining patters (to your left) to view it.

Upper Deer Skull, Whitetail / Mule ( Clean and Camo ) De-flesh-Camo
Retail $99.95
Lower Jaw bone (Clean and Camo)
Retail $40.00
Upper skull, Cleaned and Whitened
Retail $65.00
Lower Jaw Bone Cleaned and Whitened
Retail $20.00
Time period 30-90 days.
Retail $135.00
Time period ( heavy grease in bone) 6-9 months pending
Retail $99.95
Time period ( heavy grease in bone) 6-9 months pending
Coyote, Cougar, Fox, Bobcat Cleaned and Camo ( entire skull upper & lower )
Retail $75.00
Time period 45-90 days ( Cougar and Bobcats expect longer turn around time)
Retail $50.00
Time period 45-90 days ( Cougar and Bobcats expect longer turn around time)
Cattle, Buffalo/Bison, Large Sheep Goats, Elk, Moose ( Cleaned & Camo Dip ) Upper skull only.
detaching antlers/horn maybe require for dipping if necessary additional charges will apply. Pictures maybe required for pricing prior to work done.
Retail $250.00
Whitened ( Upper skull only )
Retail $150.00
Retail $199.95
Brown Bear skull Clean and Whitened
Retail $140.00

Shipping & Handling /Tax Info. All skull pricing or other related services does not include shipping and handling cost and / or tax cost if applies, call for pricing and further detail 856-697-3183.

When and how to ship ( some info will pertain to Businesses for wholesale) Ship Monday to prevent weekend holdover. Freeze raw skulls. Wrap all skulls in a plastic bag then 1 inch of newspaper. Skulls must be tagged and labeled with following information, hunters name, Phone #, address, hunting license #, possession tag, transportation and/or check #, cites permit # if applicable, jurisdiction of harvest also job order #. Boxes must include your business card and 2 packing slips one inside taped to inside flap and one outside of box containing the following information, name of business, your name, mailing address, billing address, phone #, contact phone and list of number of pieces. Customer name, tag (s) #, species for identification and list of job order. Enclose copy of sale tax exemption form. Otherwise sales tax will be included @ 7% upon final invoice.

Contact us Monday day of Shipment and leave message with your name, business name and phone# so we can contact you. We only accept frozen skulls through mail system delivery. In warm weather months skulls may have to be shipped frozen to us next air only, skulls that are not frozen and or sent next day air ( in summer months ) will not be accepted.YES, We will DE-Flesh your skull for the above prices: We DE flesh the skull, We will take the hide/hair off of skull, but we recommend to take skin'/hair off of it before shipping to save money due to lighter weight resulting in lower shipping cost. Hide and hair can add a lot of weight especially on large species.

Method of Payment; For small retail online work orders payment in full via. PayPal invoice / personal check /money order to Skull delivery for work to be done here. Contact Casting Creations to arrange shipping and payment method. Any checks with insufficient funds will require an additional check and a processing fee of $30.00 additional prior to skull work.There will be an additional fee of $5.00 per day plus taxes for storage of the skull (s) here awaiting payment cleared funds.For Business / Wholesale ( large orders ) a business check and/or money order can be sent in a separate envelope or packagewith orders of skulls.

Retail and Wholesaler's/businesses; Any checks with insufficient funds will require an additional check and a processing fee of $30.00 additional prior to skull work being done, There will also be an additional fee of $5.00 per day plus taxes for storage of the skull (s) here awaiting payment once funds are cleared.Returns or skull damages;If skull is shipped to us damaged we will notify you, but will not be held responsible. We recommend you insure your item as we will insure it on the return trip additional in with the shipping cost. All turn around time are pending back logs. Verification of services;By sending us your skull (s) or other  types of items for service work you are agreeing to and fully understanding the above terms and conditions. Any questions prior to shipment don’t hesitate to contact Creative Mold LLC @ 856-697-3183

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